understand your players

Imagine a game that is connected to your brain...

Immersely is building a platform to unlock the ability for game developers to create hyper-personalised games that adapt in real-time to player emotion, boosting engagement in order to create better, more commercially successful games.

Immersely is the latest AI startup to come out of Post Urban Ventures, a highly successful deep tech AI venture builder. Immersely’s AI models have proven to significantly outperform current methods of emotion detection and this is why Post Urban Ventures has backed Immersely.

Team section


Goodness Akazu

Immersely’s technology came out of academic research done by the CEO Mr Goodness Akalazu during his masters thesis on algorithms to detect deceptive emotion expressions. Goodness has a Master's in Mechatronics, Robotics, Automation Engineering at Kingsto

Chief Science Officer

Luke Robinson

Dr Luke Robinson (PhD Quantum computing, Cambridge). Luke is a highly experienced entrepreneur that developed mathematical models of emotions as a Research Fellow at Oxford and is a co-founder of businesses like HAZY


Nick Slater

Nick Slater is Partner at Post Urban Ventures and has 8 years of experience as a Fund Manager at AI Seed, investing in AI startups. He has previously founded venture-backed startups Dibbz and in his spare time is a passionate gamer.


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